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<IllFlower> it wasn't my plan to RP a sarcastic character. it just happens when you're cast alongside JBridge and JackMackerel :p


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<Noimporta> "The hunt of the Jackerel was a much beloved sport among #yackfest ops. Frequently done with the usual /kick tools, but sometimes adding short lived bans to increase the thrill"


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<JackMackerel> @yt hookers and blow party
<Omnipresence> JackMackerel: YouTube: (1/25) — Hookers and Blow: Welcome to the Republican Convention — 19892 views (+2923 more characters)
<JackMackerel> ....That works, too.


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<SewerShark> I had deep fried oreos in fat that was used to fry chicken. An interesting taste.
<feepbot> SewerShark: Barcode left a note 13 hours, 19 minutes ago: believe it or not i've seen that before


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<Nitya> right.  aondeug is WeeabooBullshit, Jackerel is occasionally Weeaboo_Bullshit, Mapi is Weeabullshit, and I'm the loud guy you don't recognize.


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<saladofstones> last time I QDB'd something I broke it
<saladofstones> and I don't think the all-mighty Illflower will stand for it again
<RocketDude> Just try it again.
<RocketDude> I'd do it, but lazy
<saladofstones> if I break everything I blame barcode
<Nitya> And barcode can blame Jackerel, thus completing the cycle.
<saladofstones> and then jackerel can get banned for our sins
<RocketDude> But who will Jackerel blame?
<Nitya> It doesn't matter because we'll kickban him because he's obviously lying and it was his fault.
<Barcode> forgive us, Vater, for we do not know what we do.


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<JackMackerel> i will have sick burns someday. watch out fucker.


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<JackMackerel> Actually, I'd just like to fuck Tzetze.
*** Nitya left #yackfest (grody)
*** Nitya joined #yackfest
*** Nitya left #yackfest (nvm)


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<Yukihime> "JackMackerel held the knife in his left hand, which was trembling violently enough to blur. 'I loved you! I loved you, but you never acknowledged me, you stopped returning my calls, you ignored me when I said "hi"... this is it! if you won't accept me, then I can't accept you!'
<Yukihime> "he lunged at Nitya with the blade, but only managed to swipe at thin air. Nitya grabbed his arm, knocking him down to the ground with the efficiency of a martial arts master. 'I didn't want to hate you, Jack. even if I couldn't love, I thought I could keep myself from falling into that pit of ill regard. that's why... I stayed away. to keep myself from having to hate you... but it's too late now, isn't it?' "


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<[DOA]> It's not like everybody has only one incarnation at any time. I mean, you're never going to meet several billion people, there's plenty of leeway
<JackerelMack> I'm an elf.
<JackerelMack> WHo was a vampire.
<JackerelMack> Then got turned into a dragon.
<JackerelMack> Who totally was in Bleach.
<JackerelMack> No one understands me.
<[DOA]> Don't mock my spirituality man :(