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<IllFlower> it wasn't my plan to RP a sarcastic character. it just happens when you're cast alongside JBridge and JackMackerel :p


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<Nitya> But yah know, I have alot of feels about the characters I didn’t have before.
<Nitya> And just Asuka is basically my soul mate. That’s my conclusion. When I feel I am mentally prepared I’ll watch the movies. But Im JUST FILLED WITH ALOT OF FEELS RIGHT NOW AND ITS HARD 
<Anonus> when did you become a stereotypical Tumblrite
<JBridge> I think he's quoting someone.
<Anonus> I can never tell what he says and what he copypastes
<Anonus> But then again, he copypastes everything he posts.
<Nitya> Yes.
<RocketDude> He probably copy-pasted that "Yes" as well.
<RocketDude> In fact, what if all of you copy-pasted everything and you guys were always fucking with each other that way?
<RocketDude> On this channel, I mean
<Nitya> What if.
<JBridge> <Nitya> Yes.


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<Saladofstones> Jbridge
<Saladofstones> I know what kind of porn you watch
<Saladofstones> but thats okay
* Saladofstones hugs jbridge
<JBridge> Aw, thanks.


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<Arisaka> I'd be interested in them, (see below) but 1) they cost around $110 too much for me and 2) I wouldn't be caught dead wearing a pair of cat ears.
<AliceTensei> "Man found shot dead, pair of cat ears forcibly applied to his head."
<Arisaka> Well, I didn't go down without a fight.


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<Nitya> okay you're never going to believe what just happened
<Nitya> I plugged my netbook into a printer, hit "print" in my browser, and it printed what I wanted it to print immediately.
<Nitya> Plus, this is Linux.  And I've never printed anything with it before.
<JBridge> Impossible.
<JBridge> Liar.
<Nitya> Should I like... sacrifice some small animal in thanks?
<Nitya> There weren't any configuration screens.  It just happened.
<Miijhal> the gods of technology smile upon you


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<Saladofstones> also had a really awkward moment
<JBridge> Hm?
<Saladofstones> walked in on my dad and his girlfriend sleeping together
<Saladofstones> I noticed the door was closed, and I thought, huh this is weird
<Saladofstones> and I thought my dad was depressed, so I thought they got into a fight
<Saladofstones> and nope
<Saladofstones> nope nope nope
<JBridge> Welp.
<JBridge> If it's any consolation, I had a somewhat similar moment last Saturday.
<JBridge> I've probably mentioned that people can pay to have their birthday party at High Scores.
<JBridge> Well, apparently one couple at last Saturday's party took the name a bit too literally.
<JBridge> Since I went to use the can, and noticed that the door was both closed, and bumping.
<Saladofstones> oh jesus
<JBridge> Fortunately, there's another bathroom right next to that one.
<Saladofstones> I like your thinking
<Saladofstones> "oh fuck people having sex"
<Saladofstones> "Well the stall -next- to them is clear"
<Saladofstones> cue you whistling while you whittle


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<JBridge> We're talking about a porn site right now.
<JuanCarlos> when are we not talking about porn
<JuanCarlos> or at least, when is JBridge not talking about porn
<VivalaSalsa> When hes talking about metal
<VivalaSalsa> actually no, hes managed to combine the two
<JBridge> No, someone else combined the two.
<JBridge> Pornogrind, wasn't it?
<RocketDude> At least it isn't Pornstep.
<Charlatan> AND PORN


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<Jbridge> Oh well, I got other stuff too.
<RocketDude> Don't tell me you bought a body pillow
<Jbridge> Like an airsoft pistol for a friend.
<Jbridge> HK 116E.
<jseblan> an H&K body pillow
<RocketDude> On one side is an MP5, the other is the same gun, but field-stripped.


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<Spike|JBridge> +roll 3d4
<rollermine> Spike|JBridge: (2+1+1)=4
<Spike|JBridge> Hrm.
<Spike|JBridge> By the way, these next three rolls don't count for anything.
<Spike|JBridge> +roll 3d4
<rollermine> Spike|JBridge: (3+4+2)=9
<Spike|JBridge> +roll 3d4
<rollermine> Spike|JBridge: (4+4+1)=9
<Spike|JBridge> +roll 3d4
<rollermine> Spike|JBridge: (4+2+1)=7
<Spike|JBridge> BULLSHIT
<Anne|Nova> ahaha


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-!- JBridge was kicked from #yackfest by IllFlower [actually]
<JBridge> SHIT
-!- JBridge was kicked from #yackfest by IllFlower [NO]
<JBridge> FUCK
-!- JBridge is now known as Arisaka
<n> Wow, you're like a shapeshifter in a movie!  You flip out and look like everything, but it doesn't matter because I have a shotgun!
-!- Arisaka was kicked from #yackfest by IllFlower [and just when you think you're safe]