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<Saladofstones> Korea was, in gentle terms
<Saladofstones> a complete fuck up logistics wise
<Saladofstones> since we forget Korea had mountains
<Nitya> "fuck what's that thing" "sir it's a mountain" "a wha- FUCK"


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<Nitya> keep in mind I'm the kind of guy who has whole books on how fly eyes work
<saladofstones> you are the kind of guy I'd go to pubs with nitya
<Nitya> damn straight
<saladofstones> my dad has four rooms of our house filled with books
<Nitya> go to pubs and yell about cow shit
<saladofstones> and how eyes work
<saladofstones> fly eyes
<Nitya> how cow shit eyes work
<saladofstones> we'll get all the women and men
<saladofstones> we'd become gods
<Nitya> an unstoppable team
<saladofstones> imagine if we all died and this is the only reference the future has for our times
<saladofstones> imagine that


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<Barcode> «In a mission kept secret until after delivery, the pieces [(some stone artifacts)] were collected by the British Museum and brought back to Afghanistan by UK forces in July.» in marginally lighter news
<Saladofstones> I can imagine a call of duty mission based on
<Barcode> hold x to explain
<Saladofstones> Oh god
<Saladofstones> a quickk time event to explain the significance
<Saladofstones> if you fail the artifact just explodes, killing everyone
<Barcode> What if the screen just went blurry, with "Factual inaccuracy will not be tolerated!"?


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<Myrmidon> "HP Lovecraft's greatest achievement is making sure every idiot says/posts "Cthulhu!" whenever an exotic sea creature picture gets posted."
<Nitya> thus destroying mankind's knowledge of sea life - and he detested sea life
<Nitya> well played mister craft
<Saladofstones> My problem is that everyone only says Cthulu
<Saladofstones> there were other cosmic horrors, such as the librarians who transcended space and time and abducted people and made them write in books
<Saladofstones> proving Lovecraft hated books
<Saladofstones> which is why he only wrote in magazines


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<Saladofstones> Jbridge
<Saladofstones> I know what kind of porn you watch
<Saladofstones> but thats okay
* Saladofstones hugs jbridge
<JBridge> Aw, thanks.


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<jseblandTheftAuto> "don't choke on the bone fragments" b- but- it's a salad
<Generality> Salads can have bones.
<saladofstones> I should know


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<saladofstones> oh god intel scared me
<saladofstones> I saw "intel firmware system" and a warning sign and I'm like "fuck my computer is exploding"
<saladofstones> but nope only saying "oh hey I exist"
<saladofstones> I still think the best error I've ever gotten was "Error: no error"
<Nitya> you'd better register immediately to take advantage of these great commercial offers
<RocketDude> Reminds me of the time one of the auxiliary hard drives in my computer disconnected itself during a disk defray.
<RocketDude> It didn't crash the computer, the defrag just kinda stopped (or I stopped it) and the Intel Rapid Storage Technology program was all like "lol k whatever"
<Barcode> did I tell you why my kriegscomputer was acting up
<Barcode> anyway my motherboard apparently had a BIOS auto-update program that works in the background through windows and this eventually caused some serious shit after I had a power outage
<Barcode> reflashed the bios to the latest versio nand uninstalled the auto update software and I've been good ever since
<RocketDude> Oh wow.
<Barcode> RocketDude it also has two bioses, one of them virtual
<Barcode> and /then/ a backup.


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<Saladofstones> also had a really awkward moment
<JBridge> Hm?
<Saladofstones> walked in on my dad and his girlfriend sleeping together
<Saladofstones> I noticed the door was closed, and I thought, huh this is weird
<Saladofstones> and I thought my dad was depressed, so I thought they got into a fight
<Saladofstones> and nope
<Saladofstones> nope nope nope
<JBridge> Welp.
<JBridge> If it's any consolation, I had a somewhat similar moment last Saturday.
<JBridge> I've probably mentioned that people can pay to have their birthday party at High Scores.
<JBridge> Well, apparently one couple at last Saturday's party took the name a bit too literally.
<JBridge> Since I went to use the can, and noticed that the door was both closed, and bumping.
<Saladofstones> oh jesus
<JBridge> Fortunately, there's another bathroom right next to that one.
<Saladofstones> I like your thinking
<Saladofstones> "oh fuck people having sex"
<Saladofstones> "Well the stall -next- to them is clear"
<Saladofstones> cue you whistling while you whittle


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<SuperHighschoolLevelSaladHope> I don't get people's hatred of 'fujoshi'
<SuperHighschoolLevelSaladHope> I can't go 5 steps on /a/ without someone lamenting them
<IllFlower> I think it's just tribalism.
<IllFlower> Like G.R.O.S.S. from Calvin and Hobbes, except less funny and more sad.
<SuperHighschoolLevelSaladHope> oh okay
<SuperHighschoolLevelSaladHope> well when you're sadder than a deranged blonde kid who talks to animals
<SuperHighschoolLevelSaladHope> ...
<SuperHighschoolLevelSaladHope> oh my god replace hobbes with waifus and you have /jp/


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<JBridge> We're talking about a porn site right now.
<JuanCarlos> when are we not talking about porn
<JuanCarlos> or at least, when is JBridge not talking about porn
<VivalaSalsa> When hes talking about metal
<VivalaSalsa> actually no, hes managed to combine the two
<JBridge> No, someone else combined the two.
<JBridge> Pornogrind, wasn't it?
<RocketDude> At least it isn't Pornstep.
<Charlatan> AND PORN