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<Kanade> they do say birds of the same feather fuck together
<Kanade> *flock
<Kanade> oh god damn it


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<ponicalica> that's because you and 0+α haven't been here much :P
<Ritsu> i have been here
<Ritsu> i'm just busty
<Ritsu> *busy
<Ritsu> ...
<Ritsu> WAT


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<IllFlower> And up and down the internet, heads suddenly jumped to attention upon the announcement that a girl is acquiring glasses...


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<Nitya> right.  aondeug is WeeabooBullshit, Jackerel is occasionally Weeaboo_Bullshit, Mapi is Weeabullshit, and I'm the loud guy you don't recognize.


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<krrackknut> Is Mapi here?
<Nous> Mapi is here.  Mapi is there.  Mapi is everywhere.  You and I are Mapi.  You and I are one.  All are one with Mapi.  Mapi is one with all.
<Nous> That totally didn't sound creepy.


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<Kirino> i still am not that versed in
<Kirino> stripping


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<DograMagra> Actually I looked through the "tzetze" tag a few days ago and was like "wait where did thsese come from"
<IllFlower> You're half the reason we have user tags in the QDB, the other half is Mapi.


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<IllFlower> Wait, okay, Tzetze has a Japanese name and Mapi doesn't, what kind of strange alternate universe have I fallen into


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<GMH> and yes, i do masturbate
<GMH> oh hey mapi's here
<GMH> sup
<ponicalica> we all know GMH masturbates to Mapi
<Kanade> someone fapping to me
<Kanade> is weirder than
<Kanade> someone having dream sex with me
<Gilgamesh> GMH does that too.
<GMH> actualy i haven't had dream sex with mapi
<Gilgamesh> doesn't this phrasing imply you do masturbate about her?


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<Yume> the more i stare at this gaussian curve 
<Yume> the more i imagine it to be a really fat penis