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<Iverum> Jackerel and Tze's child would talk about raping the incompleteness theorem.
<Iron> Fun
<Korenizer> That is not hot at all! :(
<Iverum> No one would ever finish.
<Korenizer> ...
<Iverum> I'm sorry.
<JackMackerel> Korenizer: To you, it isn't. >:|
<Korenizer> yeah, don't sternface me for not finding my own rapist child sexually appealing, sirrah.
<JackMackerel> >:C then
<Alicia> Dat's messed up.
<Iverum> You two are so adorable.
<Iverum> Of course, your psychopathic rape baby isn't.
<Korenizer> that is not what "adorable" means
<Alicia> Hahaha.
<Iverum> @define adorable
<Omnipresence> Iverum: Wolfram|Alpha: Input interpretation: adorable  (English word) | definition — Result: adjective | lovable especially in a childlike or naive way
<JackMackerel> It's moe in Japan!
<Iverum> Yeah, lovable in a naive way.
<Iverum> That works.