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<Rig> +decide porny comments about parents not being home for a while|you can be classier than that
<rollermine> Rig: you can be classier than that
<Panzerkampfrechner[empty]> "are you from ireland? because my penis is-" he was cut off by the sound of an explosion
<Rig> "There once was a man from Nantucket," the lance corporal began to recite before the railgun shell tore his arm off.
<Panzerkampfrechner[empty]> "Maybe after we're done this spacewalk we can head back to my quarters for a little..." He gesticulated feebly within his spacesuit, the movements lost within its bulky folds.


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<Charlatan> I would describe the state of IT development as cancerous right now
<Charlatan> It is advancing rapidly but without any restraint or sensibility
<Nitya> haha you don't even know how many rants i hear about startups every day
<Rig> Or how many I make a day.
<Rig> Startups.
<Rig> Not rants.
<Nitya> rig's latest startup is a replacement for irc optimized for complaining about startups


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<Iverum> You know. I bet aliens would watch porn and laugh their non-anthrocentric asses off.
<Iverum> «Is he rubbing his reproductive organs on her face? Why would you do that? It's terribly inefficient for reproduction. No wonder this species can't get past the moon.»
<Barcode> you think aliens wouldn't horribly abuse their reproductive organs?
<MisterJuantastic> Our civilization will be known across the universe as one where being a plumber means being a three legged handsome thirty year old
<ponicalica> I thought being a plumber meant jumping on turtles
<MisterJuantastic> well, games lied to you. Porn's preaching the truth, brutha


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<JBridge> Anyone want to join me for Tribes?
<Barcodrawing> hnghrhhg
* Barcodrawing shakes
<Rig> Barcode is drawing you dicks.
<Rig> Wait, fuck.


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<IllFlower> Were we just all simultaneously in the shower?
<IllFlower> Freaky.
<Barcodrawing> Great. Now we're going to have to name this The Shower Incident.
<Rig> Let's not.


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<Saturn> I'm not a masochist!
<Saturn> I hate pain
<Nitya> Exactly.  And masochists love things they hate.
<Saturn> ...
<Iverum> @ship JackMack/Tzetze


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<Iverum> I was told to stop working so hard.
<Iverum> Even when I come to work late people still say I spend too much time at work.
<Iverum> ;-; I don't know what they want from me anymore.
<Nitya> Well then do your job, which is apparently not doing your job.


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<Rig> I'm like gravity.
<Rig> You can resist all you like, but it keeps happening.


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<Nitya> A p-zombie is a thing indistinguishable from a person except that they lack subjective experience.
<Rig> So basically a hipster.


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<Solstace> "wading through a sea of dongs" sounds like it could be a line in a rap.
<Iverum> Or a trip to China.