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<Haruspex> You could just de-op Omni.
<Haruspex> Assuming it doesn't just grow the op back.
<Xeniera> so, in a sleep induced delirium, I read that as "doesn't just grow the balls back", and then I realized how similar "op" looks to a cock and balls.
<Iverum> Welp.
<Iverum> We can leave now.
<Haruspex> Go the fuck to sleep, Solstace.
<Xeniera> Hahahahahaha
<Xeniera> you are all secretly genitalia.


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<qazwsx> I'm multiplying average penis length by the male population, getting a figure for the total length of all human penises
<qazwsx> Then dividing by the circumference of the earth
<saladofstones> but
<saladofstones> are we factoring circumcision into this


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<Yume> the more i stare at this gaussian curve 
<Yume> the more i imagine it to be a really fat penis


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<Tzetzuooooo> er, don't have what?
<blamedaaaaa> a penis, money, decisiveness, Netflix
<Tzetzuooooo> Surgery, theft, more surgery, money
<blamedaaaaa> I don't even want the first for myself, but the rest would be nice
<Tzetzuooooo> You totally want a penis, just not on you.  Don't be denyin' the penis mojo.
<blamedaaaaa> I mean, I would like one with a person attached for the sake of having a person, but not attached to me
<Tzetzuooooo> Ha, you actually went through with the awkwardness
<Tzetzuooooo> Good show!


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<Juan> but solstace isn't here, mackerel
<Juan> well, i guess he's in our hearts
<Juan> or in your heart
<Juan> and your penis
<Alkthash> Wait, he is *in* Jackerel's penis?
<Juan> Of course. Don't you know? Jackerel's penis is like Aladdin's lamp. It just holds bishies instead of genies
<ponicalica> rub my "lamp" amirite
<HederaHelix> Please don't ever talk about JackMackerel's penis ever again.