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<zeroplusalpha> But look, it was Shinobi, and like, it's really REALLY hard, and I've been trying to finish it since the game's release in 2002.
<Tcaolin> I could whip you or something I suppose. and if it's any consolation I've spent an unreasonable amount of time playing flash games this week
<blamspam> You /would/ want to go whipping him, pervert
<blamspam> ♥


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<IllFlower> Tomorrow I'll wake up and I'll find out that there's a quote from me in the QDB queue, but it won't be any of my deliberate jokes, nooooo. It'll be something that sounds like me hitting on Nitya or Fiora or threatening dictatorial violence against ponicalica.
<Nitya> Would you like a hug, IllFlower?
<ponicalica> no, he wants his deep multi-referential jokes about political affiliation to be appreciated by the masses
<IllFlower> And you know what? As long as Nitya's going to cling to my back with his arms wrapped around my chest, I don't care!