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<Nitya> but pink is (nearly) the color of communism, comfrade!
<RocketDude> @Barcode: Oh yeah, how does that zoom level config work? Like, can you still use the scroll wheel for switching weapons?
<saladofstones> gay communism?
<saladofstones> I wonder if you have marxist-feminist critiques
<RocketDude> No, gay communism does not help with sniping.
<Nitya> marxist feminism exists, sure.
<ColorPrinter> I come back and the topic is gay communism
<ColorPrinter> alright


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<JBridge>  I'm gonna have to slap a bitch.
* ColorPrinter summons bitch to slap
* ivoryRum bestows the title of Bitch Summoner on ColorPrinter.


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<n> uh.
<ColorPrinter> sounds about right
<reyendo> so cute.
<JackMackerel> I'm fucking having heart attacks
<HederaHelix> That tumblr scares me.
<ColorPrinter> sharks are so fucking tsundere
<ColorPrinter> the uguu~ terror of the ocean


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<Mari0Printer> You wanted a clear explanation
<Mari0Printer> You poor poo
<Mari0Printer> *fool


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<Wallabu> Can you possibly point me in the direction of a stats book that doesn't use fucking lobotomized hamsters in every example problem
<Wallabu> God, I hated that book.
<Barcode[PATV]> lobotomized...hamsters
<HederaHelix> Seriously, lobotomized hamsters?
<Nitya> one of my calc books had an exercise about yams in pretty much every section
<blamspam> Yams aren't enough to get a person through calculus.
<HederaHelix> Yams are more socially acceptable a topic than lobotomized hamsters, though...
<HederaHelix> The only way it could be topped is if the examples were of lobotomized hamsters eating yams.
<ColorPrinter> In an economic textbook
<ColorPrinter> The economic impact of lobotomized hamsters eating yams


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<ColorPrinter> Here's a hint: I and E
<ColorPrinter> and nternet and xplorer
<RocketDude> Enternet Ixplorer
<RocketDude> Do I win anything


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<ColorPrinter> So in my dwarf fortress world there's a god depicted as an anchovy that once cursed a serpent woman and turned her into a were-giraffe.
<ColorPrinter> I can't even make that shit up.


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<ColorPrinter> "The Water Buffalo Cow gores The Minotaur in the head with her right horn, bruising the muscle, jamming the skull through the brain and tearing the brain!"
<ColorPrinter> I don't even
<ColorPrinter> A minotaur just got its ass handed to it by a few humans (i have no idea where they came from), and my livestock.