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<IllFlower> Let me put it to you this way. TV Tropes is what you get after you put gender, biological sex, sexuality, and all types of romance into a blender, set it to "liquefy", and then chuck the blender out of the window because this is a terrible analogy.


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<IllFlower> With the number of people who just enjoy messing with some heads, I've just taken to flipping a coin every time I need to use a gender pronoun.
<IllFlower> I might need to switch to a six-sided die at some point, since the field of options seems to have widened.


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<blamspam> What does it mean to have a gendered approach to war and peace issues? Choose one example of a failed gendered approach in a peacebuilding or military effort, and one that succeeded. Analyze how gender issues contribute to the success or failure of the peace efforts you have selected.
<Fiora> missiles are clearly phallic objects, so the US navy's focus on missile cruisers is clearly an example of a gendered approach to warfare, in which they assault enemy nations with volleys of long, hard objects representing American masculinity.


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<Beorc> Clearly you were male in all of your past lives and are now suffering extreme gender confusion, ShoujiAn.
<ShoujiAn> I wouldn't say it's extreme really.
<NorthNo2> It's only a mild ghost penis