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<Wallabu> Can you possibly point me in the direction of a stats book that doesn't use fucking lobotomized hamsters in every example problem
<Wallabu> God, I hated that book.
<Barcode[PATV]> lobotomized...hamsters
<HederaHelix> Seriously, lobotomized hamsters?
<Nitya> one of my calc books had an exercise about yams in pretty much every section
<blamspam> Yams aren't enough to get a person through calculus.
<HederaHelix> Yams are more socially acceptable a topic than lobotomized hamsters, though...
<HederaHelix> The only way it could be topped is if the examples were of lobotomized hamsters eating yams.
<ColorPrinter> In an economic textbook
<ColorPrinter> The economic impact of lobotomized hamsters eating yams