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<GuitarBizarre> Congratulations #yackfest, I think we've managed to break english!
<IllFlower> That would be only the latest in a long string of linguistic casualties in this channel...
<IllFlower> Japanese's eviscerated corpse is still sitting on the windowsill, see?


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<Zakdos> it's WINS, not WINDS
<Suke|Kitty> ...
<Suke|Kitty> Shut up ;-;
<GuitarBizarre> no
<GuitarBizarre> its winds
<GuitarBizarre> since he.
* GuitarBizarre sunglasses
<GuitarBizarre> Blew it.
<Zakdos> *The Who*


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<JBridge> I remember back around my sophomore year in high school, two girls came up to me, and asked if I had fallopian tubes. I said no, and mentioned something about their epidermis showing.
<JBridge> Now however, I realize how I SHOULD'VE responded.
<JBridge> "Yes. They're not mine, but I DO have them. If you want to see, I could bring the jar in some time."
<GuitarBizarre> Yeah. Flirting, disgusting, and witty in one fell swoop
<GuitarBizarre> you'd have been knee deep in vagina by the time you turned around
<Jayden> Ewwwww
<Jayden> As a friendly word of advice; it's not your leg you're supposed to stuff in there
<Jayden> If you're knee deep in vagina you're doing it very wrong
<GuitarBizarre> Jayden: or horrifically right!


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<zeroplusalpha> Whatever it is, the answer is clearly not to stick a candle in your ear.
<GuitarBizarre> its a short term solution at best


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<GuitarBizarre> Only a programmer could take a function that works perfectly and break it by improving it. 
<Nitya> It's basically standard procedure.


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<GuitarBizarre> Sometimes it honestly feels like I'm the {{only straight male}} around these two channels.
<TropeBot> Trope OnlyStraightMale doesn't exist. Closest match: Unfortunate Implications
<GuitarBizarre> ...


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<Arha> @topic GuitarBizarre's dick is not to be trusted. It is attached to GuitarBizarre
<Omnipresence> Arha: Topic messages may not exceed 64 characters in length.
<GuitarBizarre> Thats right bitches.
<GuitarBizarre> My dick is too long.
<Arha> @topic GuitarBizarre's dick is too long to be functional.
*** Omnipresence has changed the topic to: Read me first: | GuitarBizarre's dick is too long to be functional. (Arha) | GuitarBizarre is a shark. Avoid ski-jumping. (TParadox) |


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<ponicalica> .decide GuitarBizarre | lolicon
<Noimporta> <feepbot> ponicalica: GuitarBizarre is indeed a lolicon


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*** GuitarBizarre is now known as KittyBiz
*** KittyBiz is now known as PhoneBizarre
*** PhoneBizarre is now known as SleepyBiz
*** SleepyBiz is now known as ShowerBiz
<TParadox> Next one should be BannedBiz


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<Kaguya|Darxzero> Ooo. A boss door. Let's see what horror awaits me... 
<Kaguya|Darxzero> ...Oh God. ...It's the Yellow Devil. D:
<Kaguya|Darxzero> ...Well, that went badly. D:
<GuitarBizarre> Fu Manchu kicked your ass?