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<Kaliayev> if they had done, Alice, enraged bioware fans would've overrun the entire site. I am reliably informed that DA2 is worse than a thousand Hitlers
<AliceTensei> I wonder if there's a word for 1000 Hitlers. A Hitlernium.
<Miijhal> It's actually only worse than 10 Hitlers, though.
<Miijhal> A decahitler
<Kaliayev> a demi-Hitler plus a giga-Himmler
<Generality> What's the ratio of Hitlers to Himmlers?
<AliceTensei> Is there a tera-Goebbels?
<Miijhal> -search decahitler-
<Miijhal> "Did you mean /PicoHitler/?"
<Kaliayev> there is a tera-Heydrich, I believe
<Kaliayev> and a yotta-Bormann
<Generality> You guys need to settle on a unit.


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<Kaliayev> parrots are the reason pirate captains usually only have one leg, a hook for a hand and a missing eye


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<YuleSequitur> You know what's stupid?
<YuleSequitur> Right-wingers seem to actually be genuinely outraged and surprised that teacher's assemblies are incredibly left-wing.
<YuleSequitur> What the fuck do you expect? You put a bunch of overeducated, underpaid public-sector workers together in a room, you should be thankful they don't decide to take up arms and overthrow the government.
<Kaliayev> especially when the last 6 months has seen a concerted attack on teachers from those very same right wing sources. then again, they were the people who brought us "we helped push Iraq into a bloody civil war, why aren't they grateful?", so, you know...
<YuleSequitur> That should be added before any mention of the GOP primary debates: "From the people who brought you 'we helped push Iraq into a bloody civil war, why aren't they grateful?' it's the GOP PRIMARY DEBATES! Chapter 17!"