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<Nitya> okay you're never going to believe what just happened
<Nitya> I plugged my netbook into a printer, hit "print" in my browser, and it printed what I wanted it to print immediately.
<Nitya> Plus, this is Linux.  And I've never printed anything with it before.
<JBridge> Impossible.
<JBridge> Liar.
<Nitya> Should I like... sacrifice some small animal in thanks?
<Nitya> There weren't any configuration screens.  It just happened.
<Miijhal> the gods of technology smile upon you


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<Nitya> miijhal, when you browse danbooru for a while, you get a pretty high standard for "porn". naked chick covered in dongs just isn't enough any more


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<Kaliayev> if they had done, Alice, enraged bioware fans would've overrun the entire site. I am reliably informed that DA2 is worse than a thousand Hitlers
<AliceTensei> I wonder if there's a word for 1000 Hitlers. A Hitlernium.
<Miijhal> It's actually only worse than 10 Hitlers, though.
<Miijhal> A decahitler
<Kaliayev> a demi-Hitler plus a giga-Himmler
<Generality> What's the ratio of Hitlers to Himmlers?
<AliceTensei> Is there a tera-Goebbels?
<Miijhal> -search decahitler-
<Miijhal> "Did you mean /PicoHitler/?"
<Kaliayev> there is a tera-Heydrich, I believe
<Kaliayev> and a yotta-Bormann
<Generality> You guys need to settle on a unit.


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<Miijhal> some youkai are just regular animals with large testicles.


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<Miijhal> vegeta what are you doing
<Miijhal> that is not proper attire for a school teacher
<Juan|TheWire> also why would you be in super saiyan mode while going for seductive school teacher
<Juan|TheWire> shit don't make sense
<Miijhal> it's to grade papers faster than the eye can see
<Miijhal> he just chills out in the teacher's lounge warping all over the place while graded papers fall around him
<Miijhal> until he encounters that one kids essay
<Miijhal> he scribbles as fast as he can, summoning up a huge dust cloud
<Miijhal> but when it fades away the paper is totally unphased
<Miijhal> because it's not an essay at all but a scantron
<Juan|TheWire> You seem to have given this a frightful amount of thought.


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<Alkthash> It's after midnight and I'm talking about a dead anime love interest haunting me to make boner jokes.
<Alkthash> What the fuck brain.
<saladofstones> you one upped me, I'm reading about the Japanese KKK and eating dry cereal at 10:43
<Miijhal> I spent most of a day reading about sloth sex


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<Phallocrat> The idea is that transsexualism is basically an attack on femininity, so transmen are just fakes to let transsexuals say it's not a way to infiltrate women
<Miijhal> Yep, they're basically saying that I am an evil phallocracy version of the terminator


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<Miijhal> Even a master martial artist like Jackie Chan can't always pull out fast enough


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<Miijhal> "One noticeable use of her shapeshifting ability is her hair, which turns into hands that hold up her breasts and cover her nipples. Her primary offense is squirting acid from her breasts, as well as wielding a sword created from her hair."
<Miijhal> This is the weirdest fucking wikipedia page
<HederaHelix> Please tell me you're reading the one on the history of the far future.
<Miijhal> no.
<Miijhal> though that would probably be a better read
<RocketDude> In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only strange fanservice.


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<Miijhal> But, just as a comparison, mountain dew is only about four times more acidic than vaginal fluid.
<Miijhal> Obviously having sex makes your dick melt.
<Barchores> I had no idea women were actually xenomorphs