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<jseblandTheftAuto> "don't choke on the bone fragments" b- but- it's a salad
<Generality> Salads can have bones.
<saladofstones> I should know


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<Kaliayev> if they had done, Alice, enraged bioware fans would've overrun the entire site. I am reliably informed that DA2 is worse than a thousand Hitlers
<AliceTensei> I wonder if there's a word for 1000 Hitlers. A Hitlernium.
<Miijhal> It's actually only worse than 10 Hitlers, though.
<Miijhal> A decahitler
<Kaliayev> a demi-Hitler plus a giga-Himmler
<Generality> What's the ratio of Hitlers to Himmlers?
<AliceTensei> Is there a tera-Goebbels?
<Miijhal> -search decahitler-
<Miijhal> "Did you mean /PicoHitler/?"
<Kaliayev> there is a tera-Heydrich, I believe
<Kaliayev> and a yotta-Bormann
<Generality> You guys need to settle on a unit.


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<Generality> Do I want to know what meatspace is?
<RocketDude> Term for real life.
<Puffin> enter the meat dimension! /whoosh/
<SpruceZeus> must... resist... temptation to make dirty joke
<Noimporta> The meat dimension is actually where the characters from fiction who have regeneration abilities get the extra mass from.
<RocketDude> Huh, that makes sense. It's like Hammerspace, but for COD characters.


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<BarcoDoomRL> killed the dimensional shambled
<BarcoDoomRL> quite frankly it was scary. suddenly, quake monster in my doom
<Generality> Is that like peanut butter in your chocolate?
<BarcoDoomRL> except the peanut butter is the size of an SUV standing on its bumper, is organic, throws blasts of nondescript, damaging energy at you, and teleports every other turn