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<onyhow> russian roulette
<onyhow> you can only play once
<onyhow> except on computer
<BGTB2005> Maybe we should just cut out the middle man...
* BGTB2005 shoots onyhow
<onyhow> IM NOT DEAD
* onyhow shoots BGTB2005 
* onyhow dies
<BGTB2005> ack, lungs, I need both
* BGTB2005 dies


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<Arha> onyhow is talking as much as mapi, but does not have a mapiname
<onyhow> mapi?
<onyhow> whozat?
<Arha> It is confusing!
<Nitya> burn the false mapi
<onyhow> NOOOOOO
* onyhow runs like heck
<Arha> So that means you're already on fire then?
<Arha> That's very considerate of you
<onyhow> NOOOO
<onyhow> IM NOT ON FIRE
<onyhow> Wait I do
<Barmoured_code_V> it's not confusing, since onyhow doesn't like animay.
<onyhow> i do
<Barmoured_code_V> well okay.
<Barmoured_code_V> it's not confusing, since mapi doesn't like FPSes
<Glowsquid> "NOOOO IM NOT ON FIRE" <--- you heard the man, set him on fire.
<onyhow> ARRGGGHHH
* onyhow screams
<Arha> Immolation solves everything
<Barmoured_code_V> <_<
<onyhow> CURSE YOU
<onyhow> CURSE YOU ALL TO...
<onyhow> to where?
<Barmoured_code_V> heck
<Arha> Disneyland
<onyhow> DISNEYLAND!
<Arha> I vote Disneyland
<Arha> Yay
* onyhow is burning
* Barmoured_code_V throws water at onyhow
<onyhow> COLD!
<Barmoured_code_V> this pilot's name is /also/ "the three wise men"
<Nitya> mapi doesn't like FPSes <-- ? she played a lot of counterstrike
<onyhow> soooo
<onyhow> I'm mapi?
<onyhow> wait a min
<onyhow> i'm a guy
<Nitya> seems that way
<Nitya> and for that, you must die
* Nitya flamethrower
<Glowsquid> she's also a pretty huge fan of Twisted Metal, Sylphon Filter and other greeetty western games IIRC
* onyhow screams, again