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<AliceTensei> "I sort of forget that Lightning has pink hair and how or when my brain began to process that as a legit color in an otherwise normal design. " The curse of video games: Thinking colours like green are perfectly normal for hair.
<ponicalica> Dude, my sister had green hair for a while.
<ponicalica> (Of course, she dyed it, but...)
<AliceTensei> But not naturally, one would hope. :|
<ponicalica> No, of course not naturally.
<IllFlower> hahahaha, it is now fact that ponicalica lives in some kind of anime family


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<zeroplusalpha> Well I think so far the crown in gratuitous serialisation is still FF. We're at what, XV now?
<zeroplusalpha> Pretty soon they're going to have to start using hexadecimal, in which case I eagerly await FFFF, the 255th iteration.


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<zeroplusalpha> Maybe in like five years we'll have COD XIII-2: People's Liberation for make benefit for glory of People's Republic.


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<Beorc> Electivirus, do you have any advice on how to beat Seymour Flux in Final Fantasy X?
<Zakdos> kill him
<Zakdos> that should do it
<Beorc> He kills me first.
<Zakdos> kill him first, then