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<Alicia> Charlie has issues, okay. The only cures are Byakuren, violence, and drugs.
<Alicia> So he's basically a typical yackfester.


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<Miijhal> some youkai are just regular animals with large testicles.


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<Tibbles> I've been trying to do Patchy in Saints Row 3 =P
<Tibbles> It doesn't help that I can't be fucked doing faces properly and just hit the random button until I see something acceptable.
<Tibbles> That's how I ended up with my first boss being a chubby Jewish lady.


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<IllFlower> Anonus, you do realize speculating about mental breakdown is essentially the official sport of #yackfest?
<IllFlower> It's right up there with kicking JackMackerel and cognitive dissonance about Touhou.


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<GMH> #yackfest i am disappoint
<Juan> Turns out that people recognize cars easier than flying lolls
<RocketDude> Dude, I coulda told you that people will recognize a Ford Mustang more reliably than a Touhou


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<AliceTensei> Yukari is weird anyway. I mean, this is the woman who decided the best position for a girl depressed to the point of suicide was princess of the underworld.


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<IllFlower> Oh, man. I'm just imagining Touhou combined with licensing flamewars. "MY FLYING LOLIS DESERVE TO BE GPLV3" "NO YOU COMMUNIST THEY'RE TOTALLY BSD" "GO DIE IN A HAIL OF 4KOMA"


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<StarGirl00> Touhou fan art hit rock bottom a long time ago.
<StarGirl00> And just kept on digging


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<Saturn> You don't "see" Touhou
<Saturn> You...
<Saturn> uh
<ivoryRum> Fap to it.
<Saturn> Yeah


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<Dove> Back
<GuitarBizarre> Dove - Am I to assume you're Black Dove?
<lockon> 'lo dovey
<lockon> only one way to find out
<Dove> Yeah ALICE!
<Dove> Yes, I'm black Dove.
<Dove> There.