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<saladofstones> oh god intel scared me
<saladofstones> I saw "intel firmware system" and a warning sign and I'm like "fuck my computer is exploding"
<saladofstones> but nope only saying "oh hey I exist"
<saladofstones> I still think the best error I've ever gotten was "Error: no error"
<Nitya> you'd better register immediately to take advantage of these great commercial offers
<RocketDude> Reminds me of the time one of the auxiliary hard drives in my computer disconnected itself during a disk defray.
<RocketDude> It didn't crash the computer, the defrag just kinda stopped (or I stopped it) and the Intel Rapid Storage Technology program was all like "lol k whatever"
<Barcode> did I tell you why my kriegscomputer was acting up
<Barcode> anyway my motherboard apparently had a BIOS auto-update program that works in the background through windows and this eventually caused some serious shit after I had a power outage
<Barcode> reflashed the bios to the latest versio nand uninstalled the auto update software and I've been good ever since
<RocketDude> Oh wow.
<Barcode> RocketDude it also has two bioses, one of them virtual
<Barcode> and /then/ a backup.