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Quote database


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<saladofstones> last time I QDB'd something I broke it
<saladofstones> and I don't think the all-mighty Illflower will stand for it again
<RocketDude> Just try it again.
<RocketDude> I'd do it, but lazy
<saladofstones> if I break everything I blame barcode
<Nitya> And barcode can blame Jackerel, thus completing the cycle.
<saladofstones> and then jackerel can get banned for our sins
<RocketDude> But who will Jackerel blame?
<Nitya> It doesn't matter because we'll kickban him because he's obviously lying and it was his fault.
<Barcode> forgive us, Vater, for we do not know what we do.


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<IllFlower> oh, I was wondering how long it would take for another JBridge porn quote to show up in the QDB queue.


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<NonIndicativeHandle> I am currently reading through the quote database, and I'm not pleased... why am I in it so little? what do I have to do for you to quote me? DO I HAVE TO WRITE IN ALLCAPS? Do I have to talk about Masturbation? Do I have to kill Parable?


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<IllFlower> Tomorrow I'll wake up and I'll find out that there's a quote from me in the QDB queue, but it won't be any of my deliberate jokes, nooooo. It'll be something that sounds like me hitting on Nitya or Fiora or threatening dictatorial violence against ponicalica.
<Nitya> Would you like a hug, IllFlower?
<ponicalica> no, he wants his deep multi-referential jokes about political affiliation to be appreciated by the masses
<IllFlower> And you know what? As long as Nitya's going to cling to my back with his arms wrapped around my chest, I don't care!


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<IllFlower> Oh, whoa, Tzetze has more quotes than I do in the QDB, now it looks less like a place to stroke my own ego


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<Misaki> video quality isn't differen
<Misaki> *different
<Misaki> i might just permanently undercock this
<Misaki> *underclock
<Misaki> god forbid if this is quoted


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<Arha> I was going to make a statement about how I secretly like all the people I bitch about but someone would probably put a quote of it into the database and I would never live it down


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<Solstace> Tibetanfox: Seriously?  Who makes a 3 inch dildo?  It just doesn't make sense!
<Tibetanfox> Solstace: It's Japan. Start 'em young.
<Solstace> ....
<Solstace> That's terrible.
<Tibetanfox> And almost certain to end up on the quotes database.