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<Iverum> I was told to stop working so hard.
<Iverum> Even when I come to work late people still say I spend too much time at work.
<Iverum> ;-; I don't know what they want from me anymore.
<Nitya> Well then do your job, which is apparently not doing your job.


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<JBridge> I worked from 6:00 to 9:30 today.
<JBridge> Specifically, 6:00 AM to 9:30 PM.
<JBridge> But hey, I'm getting $95 out of the deal.
<RocketDude> Wow. Are you feeling okay?
<JBridge> I'm feeling a bit exhausted.
<RocketDude> A /bit?/
<Haruspex> I'm going to assume you were working as a gigolo.
<RocketDude> If he was, then I'd salute his stamina.
<JBridge> Well, I was serving a lot of people.


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<Alkthash> It looks like a fucking Pinata massacre went down and we used their hides as decoration


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<Charlatan> Also keep talking while I do one of my rounds, BRB
<Nitya> wait are you still a security guard
<Charlatan> Yeah
<Nitya> weidr
<Charlatan> Not a lot happens, so they let me use pooter at werk
<Nitya> totally know what you mean
<Barcode> he doesn't open terminals often enough, the plot isn't progressing.
<Nitya> if my experience with that sort of job is any indication, he does little other than open terminals :p