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<Nitya> But yah know, I have alot of feels about the characters I didn’t have before.
<Nitya> And just Asuka is basically my soul mate. That’s my conclusion. When I feel I am mentally prepared I’ll watch the movies. But Im JUST FILLED WITH ALOT OF FEELS RIGHT NOW AND ITS HARD 
<Anonus> when did you become a stereotypical Tumblrite
<JBridge> I think he's quoting someone.
<Anonus> I can never tell what he says and what he copypastes
<Anonus> But then again, he copypastes everything he posts.
<Nitya> Yes.
<RocketDude> He probably copy-pasted that "Yes" as well.
<RocketDude> In fact, what if all of you copy-pasted everything and you guys were always fucking with each other that way?
<RocketDude> On this channel, I mean
<Nitya> What if.
<JBridge> <Nitya> Yes.


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<Nitya> as long as i'm complaining about tumblr what is the deal with "fandom blogs" jesus christ
<Nitya> you are not a fandom! you are a HUMAN BEING! i shout into the wind, spittle flying back into my face


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<n> uh.
<ColorPrinter> sounds about right
<reyendo> so cute.
<JackMackerel> I'm fucking having heart attacks
<HederaHelix> That tumblr scares me.
<ColorPrinter> sharks are so fucking tsundere
<ColorPrinter> the uguu~ terror of the ocean


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<taelor> Awhile back I saw a tumblr post describing the poster's indecision about whether or not he should continue a tumblr argument with a juggalo, and it made me think: what kind of life choices do you have to make where "should I get into a flamewar with a juggalo today?" is a reasonable question that you have to stop and think about.


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[Discussing Tumblr]
<Foombazzle> its like twitter and myspace has a one night stand resulting in a 'developmentally challenged' baby which got adopted by an aging and unfulfilled yahoo


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<Iverum> Imagine that scene in the The Matrix where Neo takes the pill and the mirror eats him. Okay, you've got that. Now imagine that the mirror is made of all the rage and I'm just falling down that shit. And when I wake up in my little gel capsule of hate the machines come and kill me.
<AliceTensei> And thus we discover that Iverum thinks he's Jesus.