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<Solstace> Clearly, the republican candidates should just all sleep with each other.  Everyone's life is made easier.


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<Nitya> "Neuroscientist Sean O'Nuallain suggests that this very existence of synchronized gamma indicates that something akin to a singularity - or, to be more prosaic, a conscious experience - is occurring." what is with this article
<Fiora> Singularities: conscious experiences?
<Fiora> So black holes are really really big experiences?
<Fiora> And if the black hole is charged sufficiently, the event horizon goes away, and it's a naked experience? And then sex happens, and we have to close the doors.
<Fiora> Sorry I don't know where I'm going with this.


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<Alkthash> Oh god, there is nothing that is not terrifying about duck reproduction


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<ponicalica> I closed the video as soon as I heard the «I'm gonna do some spoken word about anal!»


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<Solstace> Nitya: My ride flaked on me, and then I missed my bus, and ultimately spent about an hour and a half standing in the cold, underdressed. So blow me :/
<Nitya> aw.
<Nitya> but yeah, if you have a phone, you can call me and stuff if that happens.
<Solstace> Oh, cool.
<Solstace> I'll keep that in mind.
<IllFlower> Solstace: You should just call Nitya more often as a matter of course. That way, you won't have to ask him to blow you on IRC. /ducks


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<Nitya> Porn with dialogue entirely in sonnet form.
<GuitarBizarre> ...
<GuitarBizarre> I'd watch that.
<blamspam> Sexy.


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<Miijhal> Even a master martial artist like Jackie Chan can't always pull out fast enough


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<Wicked223> @g in the solstace's bayou group of indigenous peoples, cannibalism is an important rite of passage, usually involving a gigantic battle to the death, followed by devouring the losers and a giant orgy with girls and stuff
<Solstace> We call it Mardi Gras.


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<Untaxidermist> I wonder how many people in the world are genuinely turned on by the idea of snuggling while playing Pokemon.
<Solstace> Probably every nerd who grew up with pokemon >.<
<Untaxidermist> So I have this idea for a brothel...


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<eX> I would be somewhat surprised if you knew any of my sexual history
<eX> and a little concerned
<Blackmoon> I am *intimately* familiar with eX's sexual history.
<eX> Blackmoon is watching me copulate?
<JBridge> Always.
<Blackmoon> Ceiling Blackmoon.
<Lin_Chong> He watches everyone copulate.
<Lin_Chong> He has sexual-omniscience.