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<Barcode> eX: We are mailing each other slaps of concrete, yes.
<eX> Barcode: That's pretty dense
* Nitya plays rimshot
<eX> thank you, thank you, i am here all week
<JuanCarlos> Next week, we get an actual comedian
<eX> JuanCarlos: {{Actually Pretty Funny}}
<JuanCarlos> Thank you. I'll be here next week if you need me. B)


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<eX> I would be somewhat surprised if you knew any of my sexual history
<eX> and a little concerned
<Blackmoon> I am *intimately* familiar with eX's sexual history.
<eX> Blackmoon is watching me copulate?
<JBridge> Always.
<Blackmoon> Ceiling Blackmoon.
<Lin_Chong> He watches everyone copulate.
<Lin_Chong> He has sexual-omniscience.


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<JuanCarlos> bluh, therapist appointment in about...three hours. Suddenly, doubts
<Barcode> I read that as "the rapist appointment"
<eX> no wonder he has doubts