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<Sakuya>  anyway, relgion is just a crutch, and excuse for people to look away and not accept the truth of the world.
<Sakuya>  a long line of ostriches with their heads buried in the sand.
<Lin_Chong>  Yeah we got that.
<Lin_Chong>  And look at your hand. 
<Lin_Chong>  And then back at me.
<Lin_Chong>  Then look at your hand.
<Lin_Chong>  And then back at me.
<Lin_Chong>  Your religion-clutch /isn't/ me.
<Lin_Chong>  But he could /believe/ like me if he started on a religion that was /fun/ and stopped believing in something unfun.
<Lin_Chong>  Look back at your hand. And then back at me.
<Lin_Chong>  I'm on the planes of Nirvana, clutching the fires that is enlightenment.
<Lin_Chong>  Look at your atheism. It is silly and has no fun stories.
<Lin_Chong>  Now look! The fires are now battle-axes for you to slay your friends fall all eternity!
<Lin_Chong>  Anything is possible when you believe in a deistic religion and /not/ passionate rationalism.
<Lin_Chong>  I'm on Sleipnir.


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<eX> I would be somewhat surprised if you knew any of my sexual history
<eX> and a little concerned
<Blackmoon> I am *intimately* familiar with eX's sexual history.
<eX> Blackmoon is watching me copulate?
<JBridge> Always.
<Blackmoon> Ceiling Blackmoon.
<Lin_Chong> He watches everyone copulate.
<Lin_Chong> He has sexual-omniscience.


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<And> ...
<Whores> No seriously, I'll thump it if you want