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<Nitya> "Neuroscientist Sean O'Nuallain suggests that this very existence of synchronized gamma indicates that something akin to a singularity - or, to be more prosaic, a conscious experience - is occurring." what is with this article
<Fiora> Singularities: conscious experiences?
<Fiora> So black holes are really really big experiences?
<Fiora> And if the black hole is charged sufficiently, the event horizon goes away, and it's a naked experience? And then sex happens, and we have to close the doors.
<Fiora> Sorry I don't know where I'm going with this.


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<Nitya> Is "Voyages Through Weight Space" the name of a niche porno, a high school math textbook, or what
<JuanCarlos> porno math textbook
<Nitya> and it's actually the name of, shockingly, a neuro paper
<Nitya> the subtitle is "Network Models of an Escape Reflex in the Leech"
<Nitya> which is probably not a porno but I'm not 100% on that