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<Alkthash> The girl at the checkout was bagging the lady in front of me 's groceries and she asked "What the heck do you need with 14 cans of whipped cream?"
<Alkthash> Automatically I answered "Supplies for an orgy."
<Alkthash> The lady in front of me had her face turn bright red.
<Cogito> That means it was true.
<VicariousShaner> Did she slap you?
<Alkthash> No.
<VicariousShaner> did she at least invite you?


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<Jack> so, did everything in the 80s just have this incestuous copyright orgy, or uh, what the hell happened


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<Wicked223> @g in the solstace's bayou group of indigenous peoples, cannibalism is an important rite of passage, usually involving a gigantic battle to the death, followed by devouring the losers and a giant orgy with girls and stuff
<Solstace> We call it Mardi Gras.