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<ponicalica> the video where an egg was fried in death valley was cool even thought it led to assholes trying to fry eggs without fucking skillets
<WildSeraph> Fucking the skillet is step number one in egg-frying.
<ponicalica> you don't think it was butter I was frying my eggs with, did you?


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<ponicalica> I closed the video as soon as I heard the «I'm gonna do some spoken word about anal!»


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<Nitya> semirelatedly, phrases i do not want to see anywhere near each other ever again: "decerebrate cat" and "anal sphincter"


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<jseblan> Charlatan you can't use your butt as a server
<jseblan> it only has one port and it... it's occupied
<jseblan> I'm having horrifying images right now
* jseblan plunges head in bleach