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<JBridge> Should I rant on realism in hentai, or go back to playing my game?
<Motoko> JBridge, I'm ashamed to say that I'd like to hear your rant, just to see how depraved you can get!
<JBridge> OK.
<JBridge> First of all, relationships.
<JBridge> I am of the opinion that virgins should never write porn.
<Motoko> nononononononono, I didn't actually mean that you should *do* it, JBridge!
<JBridge> See, now you have me started!
[... five minutes later ...]
<JBridge> Anyway, back to Driver: San Francisco.
<JBridge> Even though I'm in Marin right now.
<Motoko> Why aren't you just taking a car out and driving around the real San Francisco?
<Motoko> Such a missed opportunity, JBridge.
<ponicalica> Motoko: Are you encouraging JBridge again?
<ponicalica> Remember what happened last time you did that?
<Motoko> At least he wouldn't be in here talking about porn!