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<IllFlower> I must say, I'm going to look forward to political campaigns in 30 years.
<IllFlower> "Is it true, Mr. Senator, that you trolled 4chan in your teenage years? We have evidence that you wrote, and I quote, 'LOLOLOL DISREGARD THAT I SUCK COCKS' in one post. How do you answer to the questions surrounding allegations of a homosexual affair?"


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<IllFlower> you know, in fifteen years I'm going to be hearing about how one of the UC campuses has set up a pornography studies department with a certain Joel Button as its chairman
<IllFlower> I'll look at the papers out of morbid curiosity and go, "that's the first time I've ever seen the word 'autofellatio' in a citation"


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<annebeeche> .seen annebeeche .seen annebeeche
<feepbot> annebeeche: I have not seen anybody named "annebeeche .seen annebeeche" in this channel!
<annebeeche> I'm trying to create .seenception. It's not working out very well.
<IllFlower> Whatever happened to good old "recursion"? It makes so much more sense!
<IllFlower> In twenty-five years, we're going to get new programmers talking about "inceptive functions", and I will kill myself.