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<Nitya> okay you're never going to believe what just happened
<Nitya> I plugged my netbook into a printer, hit "print" in my browser, and it printed what I wanted it to print immediately.
<Nitya> Plus, this is Linux.  And I've never printed anything with it before.
<JBridge> Impossible.
<JBridge> Liar.
<Nitya> Should I like... sacrifice some small animal in thanks?
<Nitya> There weren't any configuration screens.  It just happened.
<Miijhal> the gods of technology smile upon you


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<Yubiseiharukana> 'With the risque "HaXXXor" series of low-budget films, Nmap makes the leap from Science fiction to soft-core pornography.'
<VerticalPig> "No, don't probe that port... no, please... oh... /Why am I responding to his intrusion? He hasn't even authenticated properly aaaaaaah/"


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<Nitya> CS is all about warping representations of things. It's why furry porn is now easily storable as a bunch of magnet directions.