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<jseblan> ... and I am now aware of the "moe" in "homoerotic"


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<Wallabu> @topic Girls free feel to answer I would like your personal intake
<Barcode> intake --> lmao
<jseblan> Barcode wants Wallabu's intake
<Barcode> see now you've gone and spawned an @ship


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<jseblan> .decide |make coffee|Coffee is the only choice, the essence of life. Make coffee or perish
<feepbot> jseblan: Eh?


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<Barcode> fast track to internet fame. photoshop jimbo wales's face onto a Yojimbo poster. subtitle it Yojimbo Wales.
<jseblan> or use Gimp
<jseblan> Gimpo Wales


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<saladofstones> welcome to night ME3 threads
<saladofstones> where everyone is gay
<saladofstones> even the andriods
<jseblan> YES
<TParadox> especially the androids.


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<Fiora> ... also, I actually ordered myself a soul gem, so like, um, yeah.
<ponicalica> are you going to cosplay as homuhomu
<Fiora> No... I just wanted one because it was pretty!
<Fiora> I'm not... lkajlskjl
<Fiora> I can't win
<SpruceZeus> Fiora is a master of the Nordic tongues
<SpruceZeus> Lkåjskjl!
<Fiora> ._.
<jseblan> Fus Fiora Da?
<SpruceZeus> It makes everyone in a certain radius suddenly get rotten teeth and suffer heart attacks and nosebleed


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<jseblan> "Tropicana Essentials with Added Calcium and Vitamin D is an excellent source of Calcium and Vitamin D." NO SHIT SHERLOCK MY MIND IS BLOWN


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*** WildSeraph is now known as WildDishes
<jseblan> Dishes Gone Wild: College Spork Edition Vol.4


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<AliceTensei> And then Amazon took over the world by amassing an arsenal of nuclear warheads.
<jseblan> if that includes free shipping for everyone I'm in


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<Iverum> Bluh, I have a calcium deficiency.
<Barcode> drink more milk then
<divert_time> or kill Barcode and eat his bones
<Barcode> i'll have you know that I have all sorts of methods of neutralizing calcium-deficient threats
<AliceTensei> Kill Barcode and eat his bones mixed with milk. Made from bones.
<KanyarMaryam> .decide read more about meditation | sew | write gay porn
<feepbot> KanyarMaryam: write gay porn
<Nitya> eat gay porn made from barcode's bones.
<divert_time> write gay porn involving Barcode's bones
<KanyarMaryam> So I'm going to write the porn on his bones...?
<KanyarMaryam> And it will involve them?