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<Iverum> Bluh, I have a calcium deficiency.
<Barcode> drink more milk then
<divert_time> or kill Barcode and eat his bones
<Barcode> i'll have you know that I have all sorts of methods of neutralizing calcium-deficient threats
<AliceTensei> Kill Barcode and eat his bones mixed with milk. Made from bones.
<KanyarMaryam> .decide read more about meditation | sew | write gay porn
<feepbot> KanyarMaryam: write gay porn
<Nitya> eat gay porn made from barcode's bones.
<divert_time> write gay porn involving Barcode's bones
<KanyarMaryam> So I'm going to write the porn on his bones...?
<KanyarMaryam> And it will involve them?