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<JBridge> You should be able to raze other people's farms in Farmville.
<TParadox> "Joel Button raped your fields. Send a thank-you 'gift'?"


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<TParadox> January 20th, 2008: President Bush approaches the helicopter waiting to carry him away from the White House for the last time, turns to the crowd and says, "Ladies and Gentlemen... The Aristocrats!"


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*** GuitarBizarre is now known as KittyBiz
*** KittyBiz is now known as PhoneBizarre
*** PhoneBizarre is now known as SleepyBiz
*** SleepyBiz is now known as ShowerBiz
<TParadox> Next one should be BannedBiz


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<GMH> and yes, i do masturbate
<GMH> oh hey mapi's here
<GMH> sup
<ponicalica> we all know GMH masturbates to Mapi
<Kanade> someone fapping to me
<Kanade> is weirder than
<Kanade> someone having dream sex with me
<Gilgamesh> GMH does that too.
<GMH> actualy i haven't had dream sex with mapi
<Gilgamesh> doesn't this phrasing imply you do masturbate about her?


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<TParadox> So tonight, the moon turned to blood and the stars fell from the sky. It can only mean one thing.
<TParadox> Net Neutrality is dead.
<[DOA]> Cthulhu ftaghn, ïa ïa Comcast


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<TParadox> :explode
*** Jack quit (Quit: Jack's computer exploded!!)


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<saladofstones> welcome to night ME3 threads
<saladofstones> where everyone is gay
<saladofstones> even the andriods
<jseblan> YES
<TParadox> especially the androids.


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<TParadox> Liberal Christians are liberal because of what their religion says about the world. Conservative Christians are conservative because of what the world says about their religion.


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<Lin_Chong> I really wonder about these advertising policies.
<Lin_Chong> Why do the bait-and-switch at all?
<Alkthash> Because tits are a fast way to get attention?
<Lin_Chong> Once people realize that it's not ecchi and instead a cheap MMPORG, then they'll just leave.
<Alkthash> Well yeah. But a few will stay around.
<TParadox> "BOOBIES! Oh, an MMO? Sure, why not."
<Alkthash> Oh wait I have to pay to do anything fun?
<TParadox> [[strike:It's just like real women!]]


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<GuitarBizarre> working in retail for TVs I can tell you one thing
<GuitarBizarre> most people who buy HDTVs aren't buying them for Blu-Ray
<TParadox> They're buying them to put a giant penis replacement in their living room.