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*** StarGirl00 entered the room
<Noimporta> Welcome back, yet again, StarGirl00
<ponicalica> hey StarGirl00 
<ponicalica> how are you?
<StarGirl00> Good
<ponicalica> I wonder if I said "how are your evil world domination plans going?" would she respond with "Good"?
<Noimporta> Well, I wouldn't be surprised if she was actually doing that, you know, Beware the Quiet Ones
<ponicalica> on the other hand, I'm not sure StarGirl00 wants world domination.  I think she'd just be happy with Shinji/Kaworu


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<Chadrahan> Maybe we could find some way to evacuate the atmosphere from orbit, so as to asphyxiate the angels.
<Barcode> Do they breathe?
<Barcode> I suppose so.
<Wilhelm> considering orbital Angels
<Wilhelm> I'm not sure that'd work
<Chadrahan> One way to find out.
<Barcode> orbital angels —> And use the oxygen to pump up and blow up the orbital Angels. A la dig dug
<Barcode> the air*
<Chadrahan> Exactly.
<Chadrahan> Evangelion is just a fancier Dig Dug.


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<Nova> Evangelion yuri, obviously
<Haven> *bursts in through the wall kool aid man style*


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<BARCWD> I think it's saying something when I'm going to lighten up after having seen THREE MINUTES OF EVANGELION by watching a moody war drama.


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<BarcoProxy> it hurts me to say this but it might be possible that after this is done I will have to say of evangelion "at least it wasn't ergo proxy"
<Nitya> you have the weirdest standards.
<BarcoProxy> my standards are "looks cool and makes sense" but nothing fits both of them!
* BarcoProxy buries his head in his hands.
* Nitya pats BarcoProxy on the shoulder before starting to speak an old french poem about sex in backwards hebrew
* BarcoProxy screams.


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<ponicalica> Pulchra_Homines: The Bible is such an Evangelion ripoff


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Glowsquid_1945: Evangelion would be 100% improved if you replaced Shinji with the guys from Gears of War.
Glowsquid_1945: fact.


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<JackMackerel> Mari is NOT yandere
<GMH[onlinesecretlyfrombed]> i hear she's just insane
<Alkthash> She's an Eva character.
<Alkthash> Something is wrong with her.


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<altruizine> And I don't think this is a parody. The relevant tumblr says it's in Die Sterne, an official artbook. I'd double check but I don't really have the desire to get it.
<ponicalica> Well, I'm pretty sure it's not the actual raising of the flag on Iwo Jima. I could be wrong though.


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01:13:42 <Solstace> Oh, god, I'm getting sucked into the world of Penguindrum analysis.
01:13:44 <Solstace> >.>
01:14:14 <Spacethash> It could be worse Solstace.
01:14:20 <JBridge> Yeah.
01:14:20 <Solstace> You're right.
01:14:25 <Solstace> It could be Evangelion analysis.
01:14:25 <JBridge> You could be analyzing Eva.