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<Charlatan> Which variant of the Atlas is the kung fu one again?
<AliceTensei> did i read kung fu as king of spain
<AliceTensei> how
<AliceTensei> @g the king of spain was a mech pilot
<Omnipresence> AliceTensei: Google: Instant Awesome, Just Add Ninja - Television Tropes & Idioms: While Hughes Gouli is usually just an ordinary mecha pilot in Overman King Gainer he occasionally awesome puts on his ninja suit... —
<AliceTensei> ....................
<Barmoured_code_V> Sounds about right, AliceTensei
<Charlatan> i think i have an idea for a game now


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<AliceTensei> And then Amazon took over the world by amassing an arsenal of nuclear warheads.
<jseblan> if that includes free shipping for everyone I'm in


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<Iverum> Bluh, I have a calcium deficiency.
<Barcode> drink more milk then
<divert_time> or kill Barcode and eat his bones
<Barcode> i'll have you know that I have all sorts of methods of neutralizing calcium-deficient threats
<AliceTensei> Kill Barcode and eat his bones mixed with milk. Made from bones.
<KanyarMaryam> .decide read more about meditation | sew | write gay porn
<feepbot> KanyarMaryam: write gay porn
<Nitya> eat gay porn made from barcode's bones.
<divert_time> write gay porn involving Barcode's bones
<KanyarMaryam> So I'm going to write the porn on his bones...?
<KanyarMaryam> And it will involve them?


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<Barcode> I've got a tier 2. I'm gonna be busy for a lil, but next time I'll roll witcha.
<AliceTensei> Now I'm just imagining gangsters in tanks.
<AliceTensei> And no, not the sophisticated type of gangster.
<Barcode> tank cannons are all fired sideways, AliceTensei. You just can't tell because only the barrel shows.
<AliceTensei> Do the tanks wear backwards baseball caps?
<Barcode> yup. the turret-rear ammo storage is the brim.


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<AliceTensei> Well, yeah, but it would be sensible from a hedgehog murdering point of view.


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<RocketDude> Also, "Quattro_Ladyparts" makes me think of the Audi car ._.
<Barcode[LoL]>  Audi Vagina
<AliceTensei> Audi Titty? ...Oh god, somebody please kill me for even coming up with that. Please.


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<Iverum> Imagine that scene in the The Matrix where Neo takes the pill and the mirror eats him. Okay, you've got that. Now imagine that the mirror is made of all the rage and I'm just falling down that shit. And when I wake up in my little gel capsule of hate the machines come and kill me.
<AliceTensei> And thus we discover that Iverum thinks he's Jesus.


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<AliceTensei  "If your son is using Quake, you should make hime understand" Hime?
[seconds later]
<RocketDude> Also, obviously, you have to find an anime character and make them understand that your son is "using Quake"
<AliceTensei> Hmm. Does the emperor of Japan have a daughter?
<AliceTensei> Ah. Yes he does.
<AliceTensei> So clearly, we need to find his daughter, and inform her about Quake.


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<Insidious> .decide wangs | vaginas
<feepbot> Insidious: vaginas
<RoseLalonde> Read that as: Insidious Vaginas.
<RoseLalonde> I tell ya man, they're trying to eat your dick.
<Insidious> I've known some insidious ones, yes
<RoseLalonde> Right off.
<AliceTensei> Vagina dentata?
<ponicalica> Virginia dentata.
<AliceTensei> Attack of the man-eating US States.
<RoseLalonde> When states go cannibalistic.
<Insidious> thats what west virginia has been protecting us against
<RoseLalonde> It's also the first victim.
<RoseLalonde> Rhode Island never stood a chance either.