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<Yubiseiharukana> miijhal is too busy playing... what was it... it involved vaginas
<Yubiseiharukana> Gundam. Right.


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<Insidious> .decide wangs | vaginas
<feepbot> Insidious: vaginas
<RoseLalonde> Read that as: Insidious Vaginas.
<RoseLalonde> I tell ya man, they're trying to eat your dick.
<Insidious> I've known some insidious ones, yes
<RoseLalonde> Right off.
<AliceTensei> Vagina dentata?
<ponicalica> Virginia dentata.
<AliceTensei> Attack of the man-eating US States.
<RoseLalonde> When states go cannibalistic.
<Insidious> thats what west virginia has been protecting us against
<RoseLalonde> It's also the first victim.
<RoseLalonde> Rhode Island never stood a chance either.