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<Jack> i'm on linux now, so, hacking is easy
<Jack> linux is like a badly-thought-out drug in an eighties movie in that way


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<saladofstones> what the fuck
<saladofstones> I get back on skype
<saladofstones> and I hear moaning from the mic of an anime girl then triumphant music
<saladofstones> did I just hear patroitc hentai?
<JBridge> Wait, what?
<JBridge> Patriotic hentai?
<JBridge> Are you reading Viva Freedom
<hacking> porno comics for Metal Wolf Chaos
<Charlatan> @g skippy especially patriotic porn


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<AliceTensei  "If your son is using Quake, you should make hime understand" Hime?
[seconds later]
<RocketDude> Also, obviously, you have to find an anime character and make them understand that your son is "using Quake"
<AliceTensei> Hmm. Does the emperor of Japan have a daughter?
<AliceTensei> Ah. Yes he does.
<AliceTensei> So clearly, we need to find his daughter, and inform her about Quake.