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<jseblan> thing that annoys me in Saints Row 3: There are no socks in Steelport
<Barcode> socks ain't gangsta
<jseblan> but how am I going to make a cute tsundere character without thigh-high socks
<jseblan> I mean seriously
<Nitya> b-baka, i ain't pop a cap in yo ass because i like you or anything


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<Barcode> I've got a tier 2. I'm gonna be busy for a lil, but next time I'll roll witcha.
<AliceTensei> Now I'm just imagining gangsters in tanks.
<AliceTensei> And no, not the sophisticated type of gangster.
<Barcode> tank cannons are all fired sideways, AliceTensei. You just can't tell because only the barrel shows.
<AliceTensei> Do the tanks wear backwards baseball caps?
<Barcode> yup. the turret-rear ammo storage is the brim.