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<Barcode> i really hate time travel stuff
<Juan> i wonder how many times have we tried explaining doctor who to barcode
<Nitya> kinda wish we could go back in time and stop ourselves from trying


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<Nitya> find me an exploit to let you edit other people's favorite groups, i'll fill it with untranslated mandaean toho porn for you
<IllFlower> I, uh, is that a thing?
<Nitya> i dunno, maybe? touhou's pretty popular, right?
<Nitya> surely it has penetrated to rural iran.
<IllFlower> I Googled and found 40,900 results so I assume the answer is "yes."
<Nitya> likely.
<Nitya> the first two results are tvtropes.
<Nitya> i didn't ask for this.
<Nitya> actually i guess i did ask for this, because one of the tvtropes results is a forum post i made.
<Icon> lol.
<Icon> Current Nitya owned by Past Nitya


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<saladofstones> oh god intel scared me
<saladofstones> I saw "intel firmware system" and a warning sign and I'm like "fuck my computer is exploding"
<saladofstones> but nope only saying "oh hey I exist"
<saladofstones> I still think the best error I've ever gotten was "Error: no error"
<Nitya> you'd better register immediately to take advantage of these great commercial offers
<RocketDude> Reminds me of the time one of the auxiliary hard drives in my computer disconnected itself during a disk defray.
<RocketDude> It didn't crash the computer, the defrag just kinda stopped (or I stopped it) and the Intel Rapid Storage Technology program was all like "lol k whatever"
<Barcode> did I tell you why my kriegscomputer was acting up
<Barcode> anyway my motherboard apparently had a BIOS auto-update program that works in the background through windows and this eventually caused some serious shit after I had a power outage
<Barcode> reflashed the bios to the latest versio nand uninstalled the auto update software and I've been good ever since
<RocketDude> Oh wow.
<Barcode> RocketDude it also has two bioses, one of them virtual
<Barcode> and /then/ a backup.


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<Nitya> okay you're never going to believe what just happened
<Nitya> I plugged my netbook into a printer, hit "print" in my browser, and it printed what I wanted it to print immediately.
<Nitya> Plus, this is Linux.  And I've never printed anything with it before.
<JBridge> Impossible.
<JBridge> Liar.
<Nitya> Should I like... sacrifice some small animal in thanks?
<Nitya> There weren't any configuration screens.  It just happened.
<Miijhal> the gods of technology smile upon you


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<Saturn> I'm not a masochist!
<Saturn> I hate pain
<Nitya> Exactly.  And masochists love things they hate.
<Saturn> ...
<Iverum> @ship JackMack/Tzetze


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<feep> @seen Jack
<Omnipresence> feep: Jack was last seen 14 hours ago changing nick to Tzetzuooooo.
<feep> @seen Tzetzuooooo
<Omnipresence> feep: Tzetzuooooo was last seen 14 hours ago changing nick to Dadaist.
<feep> @seen Dadaist
<Omnipresence> feep: Dadaist was last seen 14 hours ago quitting IRC with the message Quit: leaving.
<feep> :(
<feep> @seen Nitya
<Omnipresence> feep: Nitya was last seen 10 hours ago changing nick to ChairOfIdeals.
<feep> @seen ChairOfIdeals
<Omnipresence> feep: ChairOfIdeals was last seen 9 hours ago changing nick to Lalonde.
<feep> @seen Lalonde
<Jackerel> Don't.
<Omnipresence> feep: Lalonde was last seen 5 hours ago changing nick to Vau.
<feep> ..
<feep> oh dear.
<Saigyouji> It's like a chain of Tzetzes.
<feep> @seen Vau
<Omnipresence> feep: Vau was last seen 4 hours ago changing nick to Tsukasa.
<feep> @seen Tsukasa
<Omnipresence> feep: Tsukasa was last seen 4 hours ago changing nick to asdfasdf.
<feep> .. oh COME ON
<JBridge> It's a Matryoshka doll of nicks.
<feep> @seen asdfasdf
<Omnipresence> feep: asdfasdf was last seen 4 hours ago changing nick to AnShouji.
<feep> NITYA


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<Nitya> video game joke, libertarian joke, music joke, electronics joke, music joke
<GMH> Why did Mario cross the road?  To get to the Princess!  Why was the Princess on the other side of the road?  Because her job was over there!  Why was her job over there?  Because she gets so few gigs as an oboist!  Why does she get so few gigs as a oboist?  Because her case didn't contain a bigger hard drive!  Why didn't her case contain a bigger hard drive?  Because her instrument's repertoire is so small!


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<Iverum> I was told to stop working so hard.
<Iverum> Even when I come to work late people still say I spend too much time at work.
<Iverum> ;-; I don't know what they want from me anymore.
<Nitya> Well then do your job, which is apparently not doing your job.


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<Nitya> You know what, I'm not going to click that.
<jseblan> they're golf club accessories
<jseblan> ...
<jseblan> they're not
<jseblan> nvm don't click that


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<Nitya> A p-zombie is a thing indistinguishable from a person except that they lack subjective experience.
<Rig> So basically a hipster.