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<Saturn> I'm not a masochist!
<Saturn> I hate pain
<Nitya> Exactly.  And masochists love things they hate.
<Saturn> ...
<Iverum> @ship JackMack/Tzetze


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<TParadox> "If you can't be with the one you love... love the one you're with!"
<TParadox> Terrible advice.
<ABM> horrible advise
<GMH> no-good advice
<Wicked223> very bad advice
<GMH> date advice.


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*** Nitya entered the room
<Iverum> As I was saying, Solstace becomes jealous of Jackerel's open 'affection' for Nitya and opens his heart (among other things) to Nitya in response.
<Iverum> Shit.
<Iverum> He's back.
<Nitya> okay nevermind
*** Nitya left the room