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<Nitya> find me an exploit to let you edit other people's favorite groups, i'll fill it with untranslated mandaean toho porn for you
<IllFlower> I, uh, is that a thing?
<Nitya> i dunno, maybe? touhou's pretty popular, right?
<Nitya> surely it has penetrated to rural iran.
<IllFlower> I Googled and found 40,900 results so I assume the answer is "yes."
<Nitya> likely.
<Nitya> the first two results are tvtropes.
<Nitya> i didn't ask for this.
<Nitya> actually i guess i did ask for this, because one of the tvtropes results is a forum post i made.
<Icon> lol.
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<GooseMarmosetHyena> y'know what annoys me?
<GooseMarmosetHyena> "busty babes" - 1,340,000 results
<GooseMarmosetHyena> "big ass babes" - 39,500 results
<GooseMarmosetHyena> "perfectly proportioned babes" - 376 results


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<Nitya> How often do you Google yourself? <-- I cannot read this except as a stupid masturbation reference
<JuanCarlos> so, googling people = sex?
<Nitya> sure
<JuanCarlos> ah, ok. brb googling hot women