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<Zipp> Did I kill the conversation, or was it already dead to begin with?
<VerticalPig> It's like a fish out of water. Occasionally it shows signs of life by flopping awkwardly. Then somebody kicks it back into the ocean only for it to flop out again.
<VerticalPig> At this point you think that someone would have taken it home and eaten it for dinner, but IRC channels are of poor nutritional value.


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<IllFlower> Let me put it to you this way. TV Tropes is what you get after you put gender, biological sex, sexuality, and all types of romance into a blender, set it to "liquefy", and then chuck the blender out of the window because this is a terrible analogy.


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<LORd> a steel horse the size of an oil rig that ejaculates missiles, or perhaps this metaphor got out of hand.


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<Haruspex> It may be a unit of measure, but it's also a literal flower.
<Haruspex> Figuratively speaking.