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<IllFlower> Let me put it to you this way. TV Tropes is what you get after you put gender, biological sex, sexuality, and all types of romance into a blender, set it to "liquefy", and then chuck the blender out of the window because this is a terrible analogy.


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<IllFlower> oh, I did have a dream where I dropped a copy of the Sunday New York Times on a high school friend of mine. it was weird.
<ponicalica> do all your romantic dreams involve the New York Times?
<IllFlower> it's how I court girls, by dropping unpleasant facts on them.


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<TibetanFox> And I'm like "Bitch you said we were just friends and I have a hot, nerdy biracial lesbian with an English accent hitting on me, WHAT DID YOU THINK WOULD HAPPEN?"
<TibetanFox> Goddamn blue alien loli Tsunderes.
<HisMastersVoice> love sure is complex