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<Kshch> god, why do people not have facebook in this day and age?
<Kshch> now i have to solicit sex in person, how dreadful


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<Kashchei> the clitoris?
<Noimporta> And what would that be?


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<Rotty>  Divine penis blood, coursing through your veins.
<Kashchei> sounds like a metal song
<SyntheticPsephology> No, it sounds like something Wicked would Google here at intervals for no discernable reason.


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<Kashchei> question: cute, sexy, or beautiful, and why?
<Solstace> Cute.  I find beautiful people to be like works of art, and who the fuck would bone a nice painting.  And I don't trust sexy people, too many personal experiences.
<Nitya> ...
<Nitya> Wtf
<JackMackerel> @Solstace - I want to bone a painting. :<
<Kashchei> i'd bone a nice painting...