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<Noimporta> Did you finish LoGH?
<Rei> Yes
<Noimporta> What did you think of it?
<Rei> It was good
<Noimporta> Care elaborating a bit more?
<Rei> No
<Noimporta> I know you're usually not fond of being verbose about this stuff, but I find it hard to believe that all you made out of a 110 episode long space opera is "good".
<Rei> Fine
<Noimporta> I mean, who was your favourite character/s? Who did you agree with? Favourite battle? What did you think of the contrast between Reinhard's idealism and Yang's cynicism? something.
<Rei> It was really good
<Noimporta> ...


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* NonIndicativeHandle is now known as Pope
* Scholastica is now known as Peter
<Peter> I outrank you!


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<Noimporta> Do androids dream of electric sheep?
<StarGirl00> No
<Noimporta> Thanks for clearing that up, I always wanted to know if you did.
<StarGirl00> ...


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<Arha> I like my women like I like my coffee
<Noimporta> You have an unusual taste in coffee.


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*** StarGirl00 entered the room
<Noimporta> Welcome back, yet again, StarGirl00
<ponicalica> hey StarGirl00 
<ponicalica> how are you?
<StarGirl00> Good
<ponicalica> I wonder if I said "how are your evil world domination plans going?" would she respond with "Good"?
<Noimporta> Well, I wouldn't be surprised if she was actually doing that, you know, Beware the Quiet Ones
<ponicalica> on the other hand, I'm not sure StarGirl00 wants world domination.  I think she'd just be happy with Shinji/Kaworu


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<Noimporta> "The hunt of the Jackerel was a much beloved sport among #yackfest ops. Frequently done with the usual /kick tools, but sometimes adding short lived bans to increase the thrill"


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<Zeether> marq has an ass fetish
<Noimporta> Marq has more fetishes than you can shake a stick at.
<Noimporta> Incidentally, shaking a stick at him is probably one of his fetishes, too.


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<Noimporta> you can always count on tropers to take a stupid situation, and make it sad
<Noimporta> the situation never stops being stupid, though


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<Kashchei> the clitoris?
<Noimporta> And what would that be?


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<NonIndicativeHandle> I am currently reading through the quote database, and I'm not pleased... why am I in it so little? what do I have to do for you to quote me? DO I HAVE TO WRITE IN ALLCAPS? Do I have to talk about Masturbation? Do I have to kill Parable?