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<JBridge> I worked from 6:00 to 9:30 today.
<JBridge> Specifically, 6:00 AM to 9:30 PM.
<JBridge> But hey, I'm getting $95 out of the deal.
<RocketDude> Wow. Are you feeling okay?
<JBridge> I'm feeling a bit exhausted.
<RocketDude> A /bit?/
<Haruspex> I'm going to assume you were working as a gigolo.
<RocketDude> If he was, then I'd salute his stamina.
<JBridge> Well, I was serving a lot of people.


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<saladofstones>  And so the matous said, and let be known, let us be a dick to orphans because it powers our magecraft, amen
<Nova> "I only have to refuse to feed.... twenty-six more starving orphans and I'll advance to Rank 7!"
<Nova> "I am so close to Rank 8 I can almost smell it. I think I'll go kick a puppy, that'll get me up there."
<saladofstones> "If I cause a baby to cry five more times, I'll get +5 to my magic stat"
<JBridge> I thought that'd bump up CHA, if anything.
<Nova> "If I steal candy from eleven more babies, I'll get +3 Strength, but I dunno, man. Strength is my dump stat, maybe it'd be better to work on my Magic some more."


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<JBridge> Sadly, that's not the first time I've seen mermaid porn with impossible undergarments.


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<JBridge> I remember back around my sophomore year in high school, two girls came up to me, and asked if I had fallopian tubes. I said no, and mentioned something about their epidermis showing.
<JBridge> Now however, I realize how I SHOULD'VE responded.
<JBridge> "Yes. They're not mine, but I DO have them. If you want to see, I could bring the jar in some time."
<GuitarBizarre> Yeah. Flirting, disgusting, and witty in one fell swoop
<GuitarBizarre> you'd have been knee deep in vagina by the time you turned around
<Jayden> Ewwwww
<Jayden> As a friendly word of advice; it's not your leg you're supposed to stuff in there
<Jayden> If you're knee deep in vagina you're doing it very wrong
<GuitarBizarre> Jayden: or horrifically right!


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<VerticalPig> ... mmmmmm yes i'm a natural blue where is the ... no i don't find that all too ... my name is Kevin Xiwei and we ... mmmmmmmmfbfbfbfb
<VerticalPig> ... blblblblbl tomorrow is the due date and i expect that everyone ... no i will not accept a fish ... come on please stop poking me nggh
<VerticalPig> oofow ... no, sir, i don't plan to file a whiplash claim ... this ... sorry i know you like her but i don't think it's going to work out ... ackcough
<JBridge> Hm. If VerticalPig is sleep-deprived...
<JBridge> VerticalPig: Hey, can I be an op?
<VerticalPig> ... someone's calling the cops? um okay but i'm tellin' ya, i ain't done nothin' wrong ... beef and fries i don't understand sir this is a vegan diner ... mmmffllflb
<VerticalPig> oh i'm sorry joel you were looking for ... for something weren't you ... uh i slash mode ... umerbafbklj ... slash mode ... ajkfhjk
*** VerticalPig sets mode -v JBridge
<VerticalPig> okay i think that's right


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<JBridge> Should I rant on realism in hentai, or go back to playing my game?
<Motoko> JBridge, I'm ashamed to say that I'd like to hear your rant, just to see how depraved you can get!
<JBridge> OK.
<JBridge> First of all, relationships.
<JBridge> I am of the opinion that virgins should never write porn.
<Motoko> nononononononono, I didn't actually mean that you should *do* it, JBridge!
<JBridge> See, now you have me started!
[... five minutes later ...]
<JBridge> Anyway, back to Driver: San Francisco.
<JBridge> Even though I'm in Marin right now.
<Motoko> Why aren't you just taking a car out and driving around the real San Francisco?
<Motoko> Such a missed opportunity, JBridge.
<ponicalica> Motoko: Are you encouraging JBridge again?
<ponicalica> Remember what happened last time you did that?
<Motoko> At least he wouldn't be in here talking about porn!


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<IllFlower> you know, in fifteen years I'm going to be hearing about how one of the UC campuses has set up a pornography studies department with a certain Joel Button as its chairman
<IllFlower> I'll look at the papers out of morbid curiosity and go, "that's the first time I've ever seen the word 'autofellatio' in a citation"


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<JBridge> When it comes to porn, I never give up.
<JBridge> You know that.


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<IllFlower> oh, I was wondering how long it would take for another JBridge porn quote to show up in the QDB queue.


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<Charlatan> See, where I get mad is when mods require other mods to play.
<Charlatan> Like mod X requiring Skyrim Script Extender.
<Charlatan> MY DICK.
<JBridge> I think that requires SKSE, too.
<Barcode[out]> Expand dong
<Charlatan> Expand dovaahkin
<Barcode[out]> Fus roh dong
<Charlatan> "Unrelenting force"