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<saladofstones>  And so the matous said, and let be known, let us be a dick to orphans because it powers our magecraft, amen
<Nova> "I only have to refuse to feed.... twenty-six more starving orphans and I'll advance to Rank 7!"
<Nova> "I am so close to Rank 8 I can almost smell it. I think I'll go kick a puppy, that'll get me up there."
<saladofstones> "If I cause a baby to cry five more times, I'll get +5 to my magic stat"
<JBridge> I thought that'd bump up CHA, if anything.
<Nova> "If I steal candy from eleven more babies, I'll get +3 Strength, but I dunno, man. Strength is my dump stat, maybe it'd be better to work on my Magic some more."


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<saladofstones> concept art is my body and sketches are my blood
<saladofstones> I have created over a thousand sabers
<saladofstones> Unknown to Sleep, Nor known to Daylight
<saladofstones> Have withstood sleep deprivation to create many Sabers
<saladofstones> yet, these hands will never hold anything
<saladofstones> so as I pray
<saladofstones> official design works


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<Nitya> Keep in mind, when i use the term "murder", I use it in a broader fashion than you may be used to.
<Nitya> Turning people into sapient dickworm colonies, for one.
<saladofstones> but I guess I learned nitya likes to turn his victims into dickworm colonies because he's secretly zouken
<saladofstones> since I know this and haven't been turned into a dickworm colony yet, that makes me either the kiritsugu or the kirei of the relationship
<saladofstones> Nitya that means I get to chant bible verses and exorcise you
<saladofstones> and then Fiora snaps and becomes the anti-chirst and I have a manly fight with Illflower while Rig casts magic
<Nitya> this sounds good to me
<Fiora> I am not the anti-christ <_>