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<JBridge> I remember back around my sophomore year in high school, two girls came up to me, and asked if I had fallopian tubes. I said no, and mentioned something about their epidermis showing.
<JBridge> Now however, I realize how I SHOULD'VE responded.
<JBridge> "Yes. They're not mine, but I DO have them. If you want to see, I could bring the jar in some time."
<GuitarBizarre> Yeah. Flirting, disgusting, and witty in one fell swoop
<GuitarBizarre> you'd have been knee deep in vagina by the time you turned around
<Jayden> Ewwwww
<Jayden> As a friendly word of advice; it's not your leg you're supposed to stuff in there
<Jayden> If you're knee deep in vagina you're doing it very wrong
<GuitarBizarre> Jayden: or horrifically right!


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<zeroplusalpha> Did I not say this before? Somewhere in there is a demented teenager that refuses to go quietly into the night.
<Lin_Chong> I think I might have one.
<Lin_Chong> In my colon.
<Lin_Chong> Damned thing just won't digest.
<zeroplusalpha> In my colon. <-- That's gross. >_<
<Lin_Chong> I know!
<Lin_Chong> He just won't stop singing songs about spleens!
<Lin_Chong> I think he's got a rhyming dictionary in there!
<IllFlower> Lin_Chong: "this right here is the spleen / I'm pretty sure it's not supposed to be green / what have you been eating, my master? / you know it'll just make you die faster"