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<Solstace> Argh.
<Solstace> Wanting to do something again.
<Solstace> Don't know what I want to do.
<Iverum> Jackerel is free, as always.
<Solstace> I'm insulted that you'd suggest that.
<Iverum> I was going to suggest Nitya.
<Solstace> That's only slightly better.


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<Iverum> Looking through the QDB I notice that every Soltze quote has exactly two downvotes.
<Iverum> That's adorable.
<Solstace> ...
<Solstace> fuck you guys


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<IllFlower> I would write a Solstace/Tzetze haiku, but just writing out their names takes nine of the seventeen mora I have available
<IllFlower> ツェツェに そっと口づく ソルスタス but that lacks the essential //poetry// of a haiku.
<IllFlower> On the other hand, since nobody here can actually read that, I'll just write random Japanese gibberish and pretend it's Soltze haiku.
<oneironaut> @translate ツェツェに そっと口づく ソルスタス
<Omnipresence> oneironaut: Google translation from Japanese (auto-detected) to English: Tsetse brute mouth gently Sorusutasu


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*** Nitya entered the room
<Iverum> As I was saying, Solstace becomes jealous of Jackerel's open 'affection' for Nitya and opens his heart (among other things) to Nitya in response.
<Iverum> Shit.
<Iverum> He's back.
<Nitya> okay nevermind
*** Nitya left the room


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<Solstace> Tzetze and I are so over.  That doesn't stop the shippers, though.
<Juan> sure you are, little buddy
<Arha> Solstace: I hope the breakup involved breaking his kneecaps
<Solstace> Arha: Have I ever mentioned that you're awesome, and so much better than IllFlower and Juan?
<Juan> geez, don't go for the rebound in front of us
<IllFlower> Seriously, that's a little disgusting. Surely you can be a little more considerate of Tzetze's feelings. Or just not-desperate in general.